E-Cig Store Tahiti

Posted by Owner, E-Cig Store Tahiti on Jun 11th 2017

"Hello, I'm Irwin, owner of a Vape Shop in Tahiti. It's been more than 3 years now that I have been working with Jvapes. There were so many brands that we tried, but Jvapes was by far the best; for the quality and diversity of their flavors, their competitive wholesale prices, and great deals. When we opened the shop, Yellow Sub quickly became the bestseller....until last year, when Jvapes created one of the best cereal e-liquids on the planet!!  Golden Flakes Exclusive Line is by far our bestseller and an all day vape.

I love working with this team.  In 3 years of working with Jvapes, I have never had any troubles.  Jvapes has always resolved them rapidly,

Finally, thanks to Jvapes and especially to my Sales Representative, Rick LeVang, who always finds the best solutions and best deals for my shop; he's the man!"