Midnight Joyride

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Midnight Joyride is a rich tobacco e-liquid infusion of toasted nut with creamy coconut undertones.  This luxurious tobacco e-liquid is an exceptional choice for even the most discerning palate.

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    Midnight Joyride E juice

    Posted by Susan Venable on Apr 17th 2017

    My favorite flavor.

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    Posted by Angela on Mar 14th 2017

    I am a repeat-buyer of the 120ml Midnight Joyride. I moved from Colorado where they had a store location to Washington where I can easily purchase from JVapes online. My orders seem thoughtfully packaged and are quickly delivered right to me. Thank you for the convenience and the reliable flavor of my e-liquid!

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    My First flavor

    Posted by Robin Kent on Jun 29th 2016

    My first bottle when I first started vaping. For the first week preferred cigarettes but after a week I was able to make the switch permanently and haven't looked back.

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    Take a joyride!

    Posted by Neil Griggs on May 10th 2016

    This is my personal fave. I like to switch flavors often but I always take a midnight joyride from time to time. Smooth is the one word I would choose.

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    Posted by Mike on Apr 27th 2016

    Was looking for an RY4 or similar flavor while in Colorado Springs last summer. Stopped in at JVapes because they were the first vendor I ever purchased juice from. The staff member was very helpful and said he didn't have anything with that flavor profile and after finding out what flavors I was interested in, recommended this and let me try a few pulls from a tester. It tasted good at the store so I picked up a 30 ml. I started vaping it in my tank (subtank vert occ .5) and it was amazing. Once I got back home I decided right away that I would order more. Since then, I have been on the Midnight Joyride quite a few times. Just thankful they finally came out with the 120 ml. It arrived very quickly in the best packaging of any juice company I have ordered from. It is pale amber in color right away but after just a week of sitting open on my desk while I finish my other bottle, it turns a darker amber and flavor increases. The hazelnut and coconut pair so nicely with the tobacco! I recommend 1 week steep. They sent me a sample of Butter Pie - I loaded it up the day it arrived and it was gone the next day. How good is that stuff!

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    Posted by Art Belmore on Mar 24th 2016

    Love this one! Not too sweet , perfect blend of flavors.

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    Really good juice

    Posted by Doug on Aug 24th 2015

    The GF loves this flavor. I would probably love it at a higher nic level. Good for 6mg nic. I'll bet at 18 or 24 I could vape this all day. Very complex, satisfying tobacco/coconut/vanilla flavor.

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    Good juice just not for me

    Posted by Luke on Jul 30th 2015

    Let me start out by saying the juice quality is 5 out of 5 but the taste for me is a 4. The flavor was way to syrupy for me, i didn't get any taste of coconut or hazelnut it tasted as if I was vamping straight maple syrup and was way to rich. That being said it is still good enough to keep a 10ml bottle around for when I run out my edv's. As I said it's a great product that I do recommend if you like strong rich flavors

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    similar flavor to "persuit of Happiness" , and "The Underground',

    Posted by Chris G on Jul 20th 2015

    all very delicious but whatever base they use flavor-stains cotton and doesnt go away very easily. I imagine its the flavor they use to give it the tobacco quality.. Its hard to describe. kind of like a very deep maple syrup-ish over tone.