Red Chee

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Our lychee E-Liquid is distinctly bold and exotic.  Capturing the essence of a juicy texture comparable to a grape, and the sweet tones that intertwine with an underlying source of fragrance that is best described as a captivating bouquet.

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    Posted by Taylor Dennis on Jan 18th 2017

    The flavor is so spot on when comparing to a real lychee fruit. I like this juice so much, it's becoming a go to for me. Thanks J vapes in Prescott,AZ.

  • 5

    Posted by Keri on Jul 31st 2016

    I love this flavor. Light, semi sweet, all day vape. Very smooth, heavy clouds, light to moderate throat hit. Inhale tastes like a very mild grape, exhale like description,..almost floral...but in a good way. A must try!

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    Posted by Brett on Jul 22nd 2016

    Love this flavor.

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    Not a bad Chee

    Posted by CL Turner on Aug 28th 2015

    Lychee Juice is tricky; you get some good, you get a lot bad--but you rarely get any that's right. This is Right! Not too sweet and not so fragile that it can't handle Voltage, Wattage or Amps. I'm buying more, most definitely!

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    good stuff

    Posted by Kyle Martin on Aug 28th 2015

    never had lychee before but i would definitely buy another bottle. so far i havent had any other juice taste quite like this

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    Posted by joe oberholtzer on Aug 20th 2015

    This has always been my go to flavor, I keep ordering it. Everyone that I let try it, loves it as well. Really does taste like lychee. The extra hint of red berries in perfect addition to it.

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    MUST TRY! It's weird in a good way! Only because its different!

    Posted by Piper on Oct 31st 2014

    I had no idea what a chyee was until this flavor...the actual real fruit I have tried since I tried this vape...why? because I love it so much. Its like a grape but not..The real fruit is just too weird of a texture for me to eat though..and when I bought chyee fruit drink...was full of sugar and ruined it for me so dont go and try the cheap stuff...this vape tastes like the real fruit and better! Its an odd vape at first because you aren’t sure what kind of fruit to expect.I guess because its a different kind of grape like taste..most grapes are just purple tasting or over the top...this really isnt a grape but it reminds you of the green grapes...I guess but with a hint of vanilla I think...hard to explain. Fun to try though. I got a small bottle the first time and was mad that I didn't get the big one so I ordered it. I have never bought bigger than 30ml because I buy 6 or 8 flavors at a time. They have the best tasting flavors I have found and their liquid doesn't turn black over time. Smooth, rich flavors even with 6mg and 0mg of nicotine. Most places are too over the top once the nicotine is gone. This place just rocks. I have tried most the flavors and even the ones I'm not a huge fan of were easy to vape and enjoyable. Also, I lean towards tart, sour vapes...and I like some sweet but they have to be light...their flavors dont taste artificial. Seriously...they rock! My favs in no particular order: abbey lane, cinilla coffee, furry wall, last chance intervention, no worries, red chyee, cinnaroll, and snow globe! One thing I will say for sure is this. I spent $104 the last time I bought from them and they sent me a free 10ml sample of ridin nerdy....I'm excited to try it but I'm hooked on my snow globe currently. JVAPES customer service is above and beyond other places. I have gotten bottles that were sealed but somehow leaked during shipping and they sent a new bottle to me free of charge. They quickly respond to your emails and their shipping is fast! Plus, they leave you a hand written note on your order form. I highly recommend this place over all others and I am disappointed that I stopped buying from them for a few months to try other flavors from a local company that was $4 cheaper. They were definitely not at the same level as JVAPES and though cheaper...I got what I paid for. The liquids werent bad but my coils would go bad quicker...that is NOT the case with this company. You will NEVER shop anywhere else. Seriously!

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    Yum! Reminds me of the lychees I used to eat as a child!

    Posted by Kathi Berman-Gilmore on Oct 2nd 2014

    Wow! Just Woe! This juice has enough lychee flavor that it makes me reminisce on the lychees my mom would bring home from Chinatown when I was a child (a very long time ago!) although there are also other fruity undertones, the lychee flavor is present enough that the first taste sent me back to my childhood! This is a very pleasantly fruity sweet vape (not candy-like sweet but fruity sweet). As always, amazing taste, TH, and the great vapor production I've come to expect from jVapes! Another to add to the list of awesome jVapes juices! (I still have yet to find one I don't like!)