AEMSA was created in 2012 built upon the idea that a series of regulations and policies should be drafted that responsible manufacturers in the e-liquid industry could adhere to.  In preemptively pursuing regulation, the goal was to alleviate many of the concerns that naturally would emerge around the e-liquid industry.  AEMSA would address questions of where manufacturers were making their e-liquids, what ingredients were being used, and how are they being packaged.  This idea evolved into what is now the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association.  AEMSA certifications not only provide policies mandating a safe and sanitary environment that e-liquid is to be created in; but also include regulations for the types and quality of ingredients that are used within the e-liquid itself.  Additional requirements address packaging and testing of e-liquids.  As a whole, AEMSA certification provides much more stringent guidelines for the process as a whole and resulting product for e-liquid manufacturers than even ISO certifications.

AEMSA Certification Standards