Our AEMSA Certified Lab


We chose to pursue AEMSA certification for our lab due to the strict guidelines that they demand for the entire e-liquid manufacturing process.  While we have always held ourselves to standards of excellence in safety, purity, cleanliness, and accountability; AEMSA has created a set of well-drafted, industry-recognized certification standards that can provide you with confidence in both our practices and our products.  Learn more about some of AEMSA’s key certification requirements below, or download the full manual here.

Quality of All Ingredients:

  • USP Grade Base Ingredients (VG & PG)
  • Food Grade or GRAS Flavorings
  • No Unauthorized Additives
  • Verifiable Certified Base Ingredients

 Nicotine Accuracy & Quality:

  • Verifiable USP Grade Source
  • Purity Guarantee
  • Precise Content
  • NST/ASTM Calibrated Equipment

 Clean & Safe Preparation: 

  • All Employees Trained on AEMSA
  • Strict Sanitation Policies
  • Record Keeping for Traceability
  • OSHA Safety Standards

 Safe Packaging: 

  • Child Proof Caps
  • Tamper Evident Packaging
  • Smear Resistant Labeling
  • Accurate Warning Labels

 Responsible & Transparent:

  • Maintained Documentation of Compliance
  • Age Verification
  • Inspection Accessible at All Times
  • Traceability Results Available