Who We Are


We have been manufacturing purely American made e-liquid since our inception in 2011.  Our idea emerged alongside the budding electronic cigarette industry.  As with all new concepts, we knew that there was much room for improvement in the e-liquids that were available at that time.  We envisioned crafting e-liquid that would excel in both quality of ingredients and taste.  We began researching, creating, revising, and perfecting e-liquids that suited our own palates for private use.  

As word spread from family to friends; the requests for our creations surpassed our ability to maintain operation as merely a side-business.   Thus, Jvapes E-Liquid became our sole pursuit.  As we continued creating new flavors, we realized the difference we could make for others in offering as many variations of e-liquid as possible. 

We have always held ourselves to the utmost in ethical practices and standards, and upon learning of AEMSA’s emergence and their push for constructing a set of strict standards that all e-liquid manufacturers could strive for industry-wide; it made sense for us to pursue their certification. We have found, in operating under AEMSA’s certification rules, that their standards are a reflection of our own principles and expectations. 

We invite you to join us as a partner in our mission to maintain accountability in the e-liquid industry.  We offer you the widest variety of e-liquids, certified at the industry’s highest standards.