International Partners

Due to various financial and/or import laws and restrictions, we cannot conduct business with all countries.  International orders will be reviewed to ensure compliance with financial and/or import laws.  While these restrictions may be lifted by U.S. and International law in the future, we cannot provide an estimate on if/when that may happen.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  

We guarantee that when your package leaves our store it is properly sealed, in good condition, and adhering to any customs requirements. We cannot guarantee the condition, nor contents of your package once it leaves our possession.  If you have concerns regarding the delivery process, we do offer insurance for your package which can be found here. If you choose to insure your package, please file a claim with the courier service you selected in the event that your package arrives damaged.

We do have international Wholesale Partners with whom we are able to conduct business in a consistent and timely manner.  However, in order to maintain a successful partnership, it is essential that we determine and arrange for observance of the most recent and continually changing legal landscape.