Does Jvapes offer samples to Wholesale Partners?

Yes, we are able to send e-liquid flavors for B2B related inquiries.  This way, your staff can review our flavors in order to help you determine what will best suit the needs and preferences of your customers.  Contact us for further information once you have established your account.


Does Jvapes offer Area or Radius Protection?

While we do not maintain a specific policy regarding radius protection; our standard practice is to honor requests on a first come first serve basis.


What shipping options are available?

We offer a variety of shipping options from all three of the major courier services: UPS, FedEx, and the USPS.  Shipping options will be displayed at checkout.  Contact us if you do not see your preferred method listed.


Is it possible to become a Master Distributor for my State, County, or City?

Master distribution opportunities may be offered for your area.  Contact us for further information, or to apply.


Does Jvapes offer the Signature Line in glass bottles?

Our Signature Line is only available in PE/PET bottles.  Our Exclusive Line is available in glass bottles.  Due to FDA regulations, we are unable to make any further changes to our packaging, including but not limited to: bottles, caps, and labeling, without prior authorization from the FDA.


Will Jvapes sponsor my store’s event?

Absolutely. We'd love to help! We typically provide merchandise, discounted e-liquid, and more. Contact us to discuss your ideas, needs, and preferences.


Does Jvapes offer cross-promotion?

Yes!  We regularly promote our wholesale partners on social media.


What types of specials or incentives can I expect from Jvapes?

Sign up for our newsletter, and after your first purchase, or upon request, you will receive updates on incentives and special promotions.


When can I expect delivery from the time I place my order?

The average order fulfillment time is two to three business days, at which point the delivery time is highly dependent upon your selected courier service and method.  Estimated shipping times will be displayed at checkout.  The average order fulfillment period can vary dependent upon size of order.  If you are in need of a rushed order, please contact us prior to placing your order to discuss options.